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Play-based learning to grow strong, happy and healthy children

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About Us

We support parents raise happy, healthy and strong children

Little Bloomers Childcare Center focuses on the holistic growth of children from 6 months to 6 years for full time care and before and after school, and camp for ages up to 13 years old. At Little Bloomers Childcare Centre our staff is devoted to promoting a highly enriched learning environment.

Our mission is to provide high-quality childcare, where children explore art forms, languages, and athletics for their personal enjoyment and to nurture their natural abilities and talents through our play-based learning.

Little Bloomers Childcare Center strives to implement flexibility in our programs to help each child reach its full potential by understanding its capabilities and curiosities.

Licensed early years daycare montessori for play based learning

Little Bloomers employs play-based learning to create an ideal environment for children to learn and develop. Our environment is equipped with age-appropriate materials, toys, and equipment.

At Little Bloomers, we collaborate with parents, support workers, and community partners to ensure that our daycare programs are child-led and teacher-supported.

We offer activities that promote overall development and use observations to guide our planning. Play-based learning provides children with the opportunity to learn in a way that suits them best. Children can choose activities based on their own interests, allowing them to be imaginative and innovative as they learn.

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Our Programs

Age-specific daycare programs for every stage

Why Us

The best early years learning experience for your child

At Little Bloomers Childcare Centre our staff is equipped and trained to support your child to blossom and express themselves.

Emotional Development

Developing emotional growth and building self-confidence in every child's learning journey through nurturing, empathy, resilience, and self-awareness

Cognitive Development

From colors, shapes, numbers, letters to fostering creativity, pre-writing skills, and self-expression, we build a strong educational foundation

Physical Development

Indulging children in a wide range of stimulating physical activities to enhance their strength, balance, coordination, and motor skills including bike riding, running, jumping, and climbing

Social & Language Development

Nurturing social growth of children through cooperation, empathy, and language development with rich vocabulary, storytelling, and literacy activities

The Four Foundations

Our early childhood programs

We understand the child development and use the four foundation padagogy.


Our early childhood programs prioritize the cultivation of connections and a sense of belonging among children, adults, and the world around them.


We focus towards fostering the healthy development of children and nurturing their evolving sense of self, health and well-being.


Cultivating curiosity through play, we foster problem-solving, creativity, and innovation for children's learning and future success.


Our early years program focuses on nurturing children's expression, which in turn supports their communication skills by creating a language-rich environment.

Daily Activities

Safe, healthy and trusted childcare center


We value parent-teacher communication for active engagement in your child's day. Through HiMama, access real-time updates, observations, and multimedia, stay informed about your child's learning progress.

Health & Nutrition​

A carefully selected wholesome foods to cater for the growing needs of the children. We follow Canada's food guidelines, and ensure that the children are served with food that is appropriate and diverse, being considerate of dietary or religious food requirements.

Outdoor Activities

Encouraging two hours of daily outdoor fun, weather-permitting, our approach blends active play—running, jumping, climbing, and turn-taking—with intentional learning. Our staff enriches your child's growth, setting us apart.

Nap Time​

At Little Bloomers, children enjoy a two-hour rest post-lunch. Early risers engage in quiet activities until nap time concludes. We encourage parents to bring comforting items, ensuring a restful environment for their child.

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What parents say

Parent Testimonial 2
Little bloomers is an amazing facility with phenomenal staff. My son is currently enrolled there and is finishing up in the Senior Toddler room and moving to the Preschool room. Vaishali and Jasvir are both incredible! The time, patience, care and love they show the children is truly amazing! I am so lucky to have found this child care centre for my son and I would 100% recommend Little bloomers for your little one!
Mandee Lourenco

More than just a joyful place


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