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Playful side of Early Childhood Education

Nurturing Growth Among Children

In early childhood education, finding the right childcare program is like setting the stage for your child’s learning journey. At Little Boomers Child Care Centre, we use play-based learning to make learning fun and exciting for your child. We are excited to show you our approach, which is like a roadmap for your child’s fun and exciting learning journey

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Play-Based Learning

An effective approach to nurturing your child’s early education through play-based learning in childcare schools in Brampton, Hanover and Port Elgin. In our childcare centers, we wholeheartedly embrace play-based learning because it’s not only effective but also a delightful adventure for your little one’s early education.

Port Elgin Campus

Best Daycare in Port Elgin

Discover the magic of play-based learning at Port Elgin Little Bloomers Childcare Centre, the best daycare in Port Elgin. Our childcare program focuses on nurturing your child’s growth and development through engaging activities.

Brampton Little Bloomers Child Care Centre

Safe and Enriching Daycare Experiences​

Being a parent who is ready to send children to childcare for the first time, it is important to choose a center that goes beyond the ordinary. Little Bloomers Child Care Centre invites you into a world where extraordinary childcare experiences unfold. In this nurturing environment, we understand the significance of your child’s safety, the convenience of proximity, and the transformative power of play-based learning.

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